September - Be a Brand Ambassador

September 1, 2016



The last two weeks have been exciting and a fun time for our company.  With a fresh new name, we have renewed energy and great momentum as OneDigital.  As I shared in our recent discussions, it is a rare gift that an internal mantra evolves into a customer-facing brand. I’m so proud of our new website and marketing materials, and I love seeing all of your faces on them. There is a reason that our marketing team made the decision to feature pictures of our people and our team:  It’s because you embody our culture and therefore define our brand.


This past weekend was the 8th annual Digital Dash. As I looked around at all the co-workers, partners, family and friends who had gathered to have fun and raise money for the community, it occurred to me that we really have a lot of brand ambassadors for our company. It’s real… not marketing speak or spin… it’s how we represent ourselves and our company. This is a unique and meaningful opportunity for each of us to bring OneDigital to life. To help our clients and partners understand who we are and what makes us a special organization.  It’s not enough to tell our story – we need to live it and “BE” it.  It’s about how we “show up” every day and the responsibility we have to communicate who we are through our actions.


While each of you possess your own values as individuals, I’m happy to know we share the ones that make up our brand.  Let these value drivers serve as a foundation of how we treat and support each other as well as our customers.  By keeping these words, and the behaviors behind them, front and center, you’ll continue to act as Brand Ambassadors for OneDigital.  Any organization can launch a name, but this is our opportunity to put our words into action.  I can’t do this alone – this is a shared responsibility and how we will keep our brand authentic.


Let’s live OneDigital on a daily basis.  Please join me and “Be” a Brand Ambassador!

Personal – Invested – Trustworthy – Strategic – Optimistic – Relentless – Responsive – Fresh Thinking




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