March - Be Prepared

March 1, 2017


They say that March is a month when many people abandon their new year’s resolutions. It’s so easy to be distracted and find that huge chunks of time are spent being reactive rather than proactive. The most successful people I know are not derailed by everyday surprises but continue to keep their eye on the prize. They are consistent, they have set goals and priorities and they are “Prepared” to execute on their plan.

On a personal note, my son, Ryan, is at a time in his life where his energy is focused on preparing for the next phase of his life. As I continue to visit college campuses with him, being prepared and having a plan has never been more important. The direction he chooses will help create the roadmap for his life’s journey and I’m proud of the way he has prepared and approached this milestone. Adrienne and I are excited to see where his plan takes him, and we can only hope that we’ve provided the proper guidance to prepare him for the next step in his life.  

Moving on to the business side, we’re already well into 2017 and are prepared for the year ahead with a thoughtful plan. We understand that being ready for any regulatory changes and helping our customers prepare for the future is an important part of our culture and success. It has served us well so far, and we will continue to turn these challenges into opportunities, making adjustments when needed and executing on the goals and priorities we set for the organization.   

As we grow, it’s not enough to expect that we can set direction for the company without full involvement across OneDigital. This is an important time of year, as it is typically the time we do performance reviews and set priorities as individuals and teams. I’m excited about how we continue to evolve in this area as we realize that setting goals and truly being “prepared” to execute on a plan is not a once a year event. This should be an ongoing process, and we are working to bring that into our culture. In 2017, we are rolling out some new tools to support your ongoing planning efforts and provide more continuous feedback throughout the year. There will be more detailed information coming from our Talent Management team soon. 

As you get “prepared” and work on your plans, priorities and goals, remember this: Those who plan the battle, don’t battle the plan. In other words, your plans will likely be more successful if you invite others to give their input or feedback prior to execution. I’ve always found that it’s easier to gain support if you get buy-in early in the process.

So for this March and the rest of the year, “Be Prepared” to meet your individual and team goals, and let’s make this a great 2017. We are off to a great start!




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