March - Be a Fighter

March 1, 2019


Thank you for your inspirational messages. I love all the responses that I’ve received to “be obsessed” and “be optimistic.” Many of you relayed your concerns regarding our client retention and the stats I shared about “Green to Gone” losses. Others have provided ideas and perspectives about how we can improve these results and do a better job for our customers.  Universally, what I have heard passionately in your voices is that we need to raise the level of our competitive spirit and “Fight” for our customers.  It’s not okay to sit by quietly when a competitor is approaching our clients and it’s not okay when clients leave for a solution that we know we can provide. And, even when our client is involved in a merger or acquisition, it’s not ok to say “That one is out of our hands.” That’s not who we are at OneDigital!  

I love the fact that so many of you have shared this one common theme – “WE NEED TO FIGHT HARDER” and I couldn’t agree more. We like to win and more importantly, we HATE to lose. We are fighters. We fight for our customers and we fight for each other, and that is one of the many special qualities about OneDigital.

So, how do we fight harder?  Many of you have shared great stories about big wins and “client saves” by simply not sitting back and allowing a client to make a relationship change without giving us a chance for a face-to-face meeting to state our case. These are inspirational wins and we need more of this attitude. For me, being a fighter means much more than just rising to the occasion when our backs are against the wall. It’s being proactive and needs to start today by building personal relationships, creating strategic plans and being responsive at every client interaction. It’s delivering the fresh thinking that will position OneDigital as the thought leader we aspire to be. We are working hard in so many areas to deliver new capabilities and fresh insights through our evolving Challenger consulting model but it’s going to take all of you to roll up your sleeves and embrace these opportunities to shine. One of these great opportunities is just around the corner with our Virtual FutureCast event on April 3. You can begin your “fight” by inviting your key clients to attend this premier event as we look to show off our fresh thinking approach and share some valuable insights with our clients.

As I shared at Town Hall, our industry continues to get more and more competitive. I’m so optimistic about the advances we are making at OneDigital and I never forget that our competitors are working to do the same. I believe the ultimate difference and our unique advantage lies in our people and our competitive spirit. I have never been more confident in who we are and what we are building. Our future success will not come without a little more “fight” in our game. I’m so glad to be on the same team with all of you and I look forward to fighting by your side.


Be a Fighter!



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