July - Be Inspired

July 1, 2020


It seem like just yesterday we were kicking off the year with our January Town Hall. I shared my excitement as we began to celebrate many milestones – our 20th year in business, a new decade and an exciting new chapter filled with opportunity. It’s hard to believe we have reached the midway point of the year. In some ways the past six months have been a blur, but in other ways it feels like a decade worth of effort and emotion. This has been a year that many describe as scary, devastating and painful, and I agree. However, as I take a step back today and survey our business and the opportunities ahead, one sentiment is stronger for me than anything else – INSPIRED! 

In my communications to you all over the past months, I’ve been sharing a lot about the pressures weighing on us all, both personally and on our business. There is no doubt that there is a lot  on our minds and in our hearts these days and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. In some ways, it almost doesn’t feel appropriate to be inspired and energized, but as we enter July, that’s exactly how I feel at this moment. Inspired by our resilience and the ground we have covered together. Energized by the road ahead and the opportunities I know our future will bring. Each of you at OneDigital has shown determination, grit, compassion and strength through this difficult period. Our clients are grateful and appreciative, our competitors have admired our work and thought leadership, and our investors are holding us up as the example of stability and success.

Through all of this, you have brought out the best of OneDigital and that is inspiring! We have embraced our core values, our customers and each other. When we combine our special culture with a business model that continues to endure and evolve, we find ourselves positioned to lead the industry. We are built like no other platform with our focus on Health, Wealth and HR Consulting at a time when this is exactly what employers need to navigate through crisis.   

Team, take a deep breath and embrace this opportunity with me.  I’m excited for our future and inspired by your desire to grow and lean into this challenging time. This organization is made up of a team that cares deeply on so many levels and I’m inspired by your passion. We thrive on evolving, growing and winning and we are poised to recapture that momentum. Our M&A team has many talented prospects in their pipeline who recognize our special culture and the value of our platform. Our clients need a strategic partner more than ever. Our client service and support teams are firing on all cylinders. And our sales team is ready to tell our story to prospective customers as we drive new energy and differentiation into the market and look to close the year strong.

This is our moment, and I am confident that we will emerge from this challenge stronger than ever. While I could have never envisioned where this year would take us, I’m blown away by the strength and soul of this organization. We are #OneDigitalStrong!

The past few months have challenged and tested us all. Thank you for your inspiration and providing me the strength to continue to lead, learn and grow. As we look forward to the second half of 2020 and emerge with purpose and conviction, I hope you share my energy and enthusiasm for the opportunity ahead.  

BE Inspired OneDigital!  


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