July - Be Authentic

July 2, 2018


If you work out of the corporate office in Atlanta, you’ll frequently see guests in for site visits to meet our team and tour our office. There seems to be a regular parade of people passing through these days as there is a lot of interest in OneDigital from across the industry - carriers, partners and most of all, other employee benefit firms. When an agency is interested in joining OneDigital, we invite them to visit our office for the day to learn more about how we do business and to get a good feel for our culture. We also learn about them: how they have built their organization, the type of talent they attract and if their culture is one that would be a good match for us. While the financial side of the equation must work for both organizations, the final decision rests on the cultural fit.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a talented team visit that we believe will be a great fit for OneDigital. We know they are being pursued by other companies and I felt proud, as always, about how the entire visit went. I received thank you notes from each of these visitors, and I wanted to share their observations with you. They remarked about how impressed they were with our team and that they now have a better understanding of why OneDigital is so unique. This is very common feedback, and while I was not surprised to get this response, I never take those comments for granted. I did take special note, however, of the specific words that each of these visitors used to describe their experience with the OneDigital team. They specifically commented about how “authentic” our team was and the genuine sense of pride they observed from everyone they met. They concluded by saying it was clear that we were building something very special and while many companies talk a lot about culture, they had never really experienced such an authentic culture as they witnessed with our team.  

I often struggle to find the words to describe our people and culture, but I love that others can sense the authenticity of our OneDigital team, both individually and collectively. Our actions and emotions and real and genuine. Being authentic means that we are comfortable being ourselves, and we don’t feel the need to fake it or try to be something that we are not. Whether in your personal life or here at OneDigital, I think being authentic and true to yourself is an amazing quality and value to possess.   

Team – I LOVE that visitors to OneDigital can immediately see and feel what we get to experience at OneDigital every day. I know that some days aren’t easy as we work hard to keep up with our incredible growth, but it’s that authentic culture and sense of pride that set us apart and make OneDigital so unique.

Thank you for all you do and for just being you!  Everyone can feel it from our competitors to our clients – you are special.


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