January - Be Proud

January 2, 2020

Happy New Year Team:

I hope you are all having a festive and relaxing break with your families and friends this holiday season. Personally, I’ve been able to recharge, spend valuable time with my family and cherished every moment of having my boys back home. I have to admit, however, these last several days have been filled with a lot of emotions, and I’m having trouble sitting still as I anticipate jumping into 2020. It’s not just the beginning of a new year today… it’s a new chapter, a new decade and it’s also the 20 year anniversary of OneDigital! I understand that at times we may enter a new year feeling a bit overwhelmed or with slight anxiety as we consider new goals and resolutions in both our personal and professional lives. This year however, all of my thoughts and emotions are filled with excitement, confidence, optimism and more than anything PRIDE! Much like raising a child, it’s been 20 years of watching our organization overcome challenges, learn from our experiences and “grow up”, all while staying committed to our culture and our values. We have celebrated many milestones and successes together and most importantly we’ve become a family – a growing and talented family! I’m so proud of everything that we’ve accomplished together and humbled by all the passionate and committed team members that have chosen to join us on this journey. Whether you have called yourself “Digital” for the past 20 years or much more recently, we honor the history and culture of all the teams that have joined us and you are all a huge part of this special 20 year milestone. 

Perhaps even more uplifting than the pride I feel about our history, is the excitement and optimism I’m filled with as we enter 2020 together. As I shared with many of you over the past months, the opportunity to travel across the country this fall and spend time with many of our offices was so gratifying and confirmed so much about our vision and goals for OneDigital, We are clearly on the right path and are building a special organization. Our work is not always easy, but I’m confident we are making the right decisions, investing in our growth and executing well on our plan. We aim to build “One” company with a common vision and shared values and culture. As I plan to share at our town hall next week, we’ve  accomplished a great deal together and the entire marketplace is taking notice. The executive team will join me on stage to offer their thoughts on our momentum, exciting new opportunities and the road ahead for OneDigital. 

Team, there is so much to be proud of and so much to look forward to. I can’t wait to celebrate with you all and embrace this new decade and next chapter together. I am “OneDigital Proud” and I hope you share that pride and excitement for our future. 

Thank you for being a part of this milestone and for all that we are building together. Happy New Year and Happy 20th to our OneDigital family! 


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