February - BE Relentless!

February 10, 2016



At this past Town Hall we discussed our goal in 2016 to capitalize on our “OneDigital” momentum and begin to expand this voice beyond our four walls. In other words, we are working to build our brand and bring a fresh and unified message to the market. As a first step in this process we introduced some value drivers: words and characteristics that help drive and define the organization. Taking a note from these value drivers, this month’s theme is “Be Relentless!”  This was the most frequent hashtag chosen at last week’s Growth Summit and one of my personal favorites.  Kicking the year off strong, we hope this attitude will continue throughout 2016.


Looking back at our success over the years, it has been this relentlessness and “never quit” attitude that has gotten us to where we are today. We have been relentless in setting service standards in the industry and redefining what smaller clients should expect from their advisors. We have been relentless in our pursuit of growth, always willing to adapt and innovate as changes in the industry have forced us to rethink our strategies and business model.  We don’t give up when confronted with small (or big) bumps in the road, and we pursue challenges and obstacles with a passion and an appetite for success.  Most importantly, we have been relentless in the pursuit and commitment to our culture, one that we believe makes this organization more than just a company and more than just a job.


Bringing this “relentless” theme down to our day-to-day work, I spoke last week about some of our client losses in 2015 and the impact that has on our business and our growth. The best way to positively impact our organic growth is to keep our customers happy. Sometimes these losses don’t seem to be within our control, but my message is simple – be relentless.  I know we have more fight in us to show our clients how we are leading the industry and why we are the best fit for them.  Turn our customers into raving fans and be relentless in showing them that Digital is the best and only option. 


Following the guidance of our wonderful guest speaker, Steve Gilliland, together we can Make a Difference!  I’m proud of the company we have built and the successes we are able to celebrate daily.  We seek to be winners and are relentless in this pursuit, on behalf of our customers and each other. So please join me in starting each day this month with a great attitude, and be relentless!





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