February - Be Inspired

February 1, 2017


I am fired up about all that we accomplished together, the passion that we see for the future and the people we are surrounded by who share this conviction. At our recent Town Hall, I asked John O’Leary to share his inspiring story to provide additional motivation and perspective as we kick off 2017, a year filled with opportunity.

I was pleased to hear that so many team members were moved by John’s message. While the events of John’s life are incredible and certainly inspirational, the real power of his message is not simply his personal journey but the way he encourages each of us to find our own spark as we seek to set our lives “On Fire.” While we can draw great inspiration from the experience of others, we all have our own story, motivations and the “why” that drives us. I believe the opportunity to lead a more purposeful life starts from within. It begins with personal reflection, asking ourselves the tough questions and a willingness to be vulnerable.

On a personal note, I found myself entering 2017 already fired up and eager to lead a more intentional life. I became even more focused and inspired after asking myself one important question- “what more can I do?” For me, that simple question has been a powerful one, and I hope it remains front and center throughout my life.

In this short month, I hope you will join me in “Being Inspired” by finding the personal spark and motivation within each of you. Let’s ask ourselves important questions such as: “why me,” “who cares” and most importantly “what more can I do?” We ask these questions not from a perspective of victims, but from the perspective of our good fortunes, the love we have for those who matter most in our lives and the important work we are doing together.   

Thank you for a great start to the year and to all of you for being a big part of my personal spark and inspiration!




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