February - Be Bold

February 3, 2020


The excitement and optimism I shared as we kicked off 2020 a few weeks ago has not subsided one bit. In fact, my emotions have reached new heights after seeing you all at our Town Hall and participating  in our motivating and engaging Growth Summit. The theme for our kickoff conference was BE BOLD and while I’ve used this theme in past messages, never has it been more appropriate than it is today. Boldness has been a huge part of our culture and our formula for success over the past 20 years. It is also part of our Customer Obsession focus as we look to step outside our comfort zone and strive to “teach, tailor and take control” creating an effortless experience for our clients.  
It’s only a month into a new decade and I’ve already seen Boldness shown in some moving and powerful ways that I’d like to share. The first was the day before Town Hall as we prepared for conference. E and I had invited about 50 leaders to join us in a Diversity and Inclusion workshop. None of us knew exactly what to expect but everyone arrived in the spirit of transparency with an openness to learn and be vulnerable. At one point, we were asked to do an activity that I now know is called a “privilege walk.” We were asked to cross the room based on our answers to a series of questions about our background, childhood, upbringing and experiences. One of the 40 questions asked was “Were you ever uncomfortable about a joke related to your race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation but felt unsafe to confront the situation?” I learned a lot about my team and I was moved by how bold everyone was in sharing a side of themselves that many of us keep private. By doing that, I think we all gained some perspective and saw our relationships with each other in a new light. I hope this is just a first step as we continue to open up new conversations and experiences, and challenge ourselves to lead the industry in building a diverse and inclusive workplace.   
In the following days, I saw individual Boldness displayed in other ways that impacted me deeply. At the conference, we introduced a new element called Bold Talks. These were 20 minute personal presentations shared on stage (TedTALK style) where four of our own team members shared their “story” and what drives them. I know from my own experiences how hard it is to stand on stage and share personal thoughts and emotions. It’s this vulnerability and authenticity, however, that I believe makes our organization so special. I heard one of our executives mention that it speaks to the “soul” of OneDigital and our culture. I love this sentiment and couldn’t agree more. Thank you to Kelly Weber, Laura Ahern, Art Kitajima and Bill Carew for sharing your emotional and inspiring stories and, most importantly, thank you for your courage and Boldness!  If you didn’t get the opportunity to see these talks live, I highly encourage you to check them out, it’s well worth the time: www.onedigital.com/bold-talks/ 
I’m so proud that OneDigital is made up of people like this.  It’s what makes us unique and special.  It’s what makes people want to join our family and stay here. It’s what makes us the best at what we do!
Be Bold OneDigital!!


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