December - Be the Change

December 1, 2016


I’ve written about this topic in the past, but I thought it was worth revisiting as we close out 2016 and look forward to new challenges and opportunities to embrace in the coming year.    

It’s easy to shake our heads and grumble when things don’t go our way or sit back and cheer from the sidelines when others are trying to lead change, but today, I’d like to encourage you to step up and “BE THE CHANGE.”

At OneDigital, we have the type of culture where people come together and an environment that supports openness to change. It’s one of the reason’s that Digital continues to be so successful year-over-year. Our leadership team is constantly discussing and exploring changes in our business and our industry. We want to do more than watch these changes; we set out to be the change and lead the way.

You can impact change, too  – here at the office, at home and in your community.  It takes some courage and fortitude but it doesn’t have to be an enormous change. It’s often starts with small modifications that lead to a very big impact. I think that each and every one of you have that capability.

Some examples/ ideas of how you can impact change:

  • If you don’t like the culture in your office/department, do something about it.  Ask tough questions and be prepared with new ideas and solutions. Commit to lead a committee or group to help your team be more thoughtful about culture.
  • Do you have an idea about a process at Digital that could be done better?  Come up with a plan and pitch it to your manager.  Better yet, get some others involved and do it as a group.
  • Is your family too dependent on “screen time” with their devices? Lead by example and declare certain times to be device free.
  • Maybe the election didn’t go your way?  Don’t make plans to move to Canada! See how you can get involved in the causes you care most about and make your voice heard.

These are just a few examples of challenges and topics that I’ve heard lately. I’m sure there are many more out there.  I’d love to hear about what you are doing to “be the change.”

My commitment in 2017 is to continue to be open to change and to challenge the status quo. As a company, we will seek new innovations for our clients and continue to evolve the way we do business, but it’s a team effort. I look forward to your feedback, your ideas and your leadership.

A new year is about to begin and there is no better time than the present!



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