Be Good to Yourself

November 1, 2019

Hi team –

I’m feeling very blessed because for the past six weeks I’ve been able to see so many of you during my office visits as we plan for our bright future together. We’ve had many productive conversations with local leaders about this past year’s opportunities, challenges, and key learnings. We’ve recognized the amazing talent that we have across the organization and discussed opportunities to help each of you succeed in your careers at OneDigital. In addition to these great leadership meetings, we’ve also had the opportunity in many markets to socialize, host “mini” town halls and have some thought-provoking Q&A sessions. So… I’m feeling great about the continued momentum of our business and all the special interactions and relationships that have filled the past several weeks. I wish we had the time to make even more visits this fall, but we will look for opportunities to get out to additional offices in the future.  

While I thrive on this work, full days and being able to spend time with so many special people, I can also say that I’m currently feeling a bit drained (in a good way). The recent activity energizes me, but I also realize that for us to truly do our best work, we need time to relax, recharge and refuel. It’s also obvious through my recent travels that it is a busy and crazy time for all of you too! So this month’s message is simply to remind everyone, including myself - BE Good to yourself.  Take care of YOU so that you can BE Good to others: your family and friends, your co-workers and your clients. Appreciate all that is good around you and find ways to relax and recharge. Take time to BE Good to yourself!

Things probably won’t slow down in my schedule for a few more weeks, but I’m excited to relax and reconnect with my family over the holidays and maybe even find some time for just me! Whether it is reading, exercising, watching sporting events or getting a good pedicure (yes, I did experience my first pedicure this year) I hope you all find time in the coming weeks to take a step back and BE Good to yourself. I know we are at our best when we are balanced and energized, and as a result of these visits, you’ve inspired me to bring my best self to OneDigital and all of you. So, please join me and take a step back and enjoy some well-deserved time for yourself in the coming weeks and months, and BE Good to yourself!

Thank you for always inspiring me and for all you do! 


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