Be a Team

October 1, 2019


You may have noticed over the years, I begin every one of these messages addressing you with four simple letters – TEAM. For many, this word may just seem like a normal way to begin an email to address a group, but for me it is purposeful, sincere and heartfelt. As I sit down to share some thoughts today and start my message with this powerful first word, I realize my thoughts are consumed with this sentiment and my emotion around our OneDigital TEAM.
I am thrilled to have the opportunity this fall, along with other leadership team members, to travel throughout the country to visit many of our offices across our regions. Our goal is to dig in with local leaders to better understand market dynamics, opportunities and challenges as we begin our planning process for 2020 and look forward to an exciting future together. We just wrapped up our first week of these visits and, more than anything, what stands out from market to market is this incredible sense of TEAM. We talk about culture all the time at OneDigital, but wow, it really is amazing to see how teams in local markets are coming together to address challenges, support each other and work collectively to raise our game as we aim to deliver on our promise to our clients. 
It is wonderful to be part of a growing organization, but we never take for granted the pressure that this can put on our team members and how difficult change can be. As an organization that has grown through acquisition, this stress can often be magnified, but I am blown away as I visit our offices and see the work being done to bring our teams together to support each other in local markets and across the company. Just in my first week of visits I have seen teams coming together to save clients, to support sales efforts, to collaborate on new ways to approach our business and to make a difference in our local communities. It also gives me great pride to meet the new talent we are bringing into the organization as well as seeing long-time associates stepping into new leadership roles as we continue to grow and bring teams together. The sense of TEAM and teamwork I’ve witnessed is both exhilarating and humbling and, more than anything, gives me such confidence in our future together!
I shared a few months ago that I’ve been on a bit of personal journey this year, transitioning into becoming an empty nester at the same time that I close an amazing chapter in my life as a high school lacrosse coach. As many of you have experienced, there is nothing more special than being part of a team when all the hard work pays off and teammates come together to reach new heights. While I know I will miss the competition and the mentorship with these incredible young men, what is now clear to me is that I am still every bit part of a TEAM - and an amazing team at that!  Our work is not easy and we certainly have our share of challenges but I have little doubt that we are all part of a winning TEAM. The commitment, competitiveness and sense of family of our OneDigital team shines through and I am so proud to be a part of it. 
I know we are entering our most hectic days of the year and we have much work in front of us, but please remember you are not alone and surrounded by a TEAM that has your back! Please join me in Being there for your TEAM as we continue to build something special together. 

I look forward to seeing many of you over the coming weeks as we continue our visits and look to spend time with this amazing team!

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