August - Be Inspired

August 1, 2018

Hello Team –

I’m still riding on an amazing high from our conference in July and was truly inspired by everyone, from our wonderful speakers to each attendee. Kicking off the week with our Town Hall, I was touched and humbled to look out at all of you and see such passionate team members who are committed to OneDigital and to each other. Thank you to so many of you who approached me during the week and shared what OneDigital means to you.
The keynote speaker for the conference was Alison Levine. She talked about the perseverance she needed to conquer Mount Everest in the face of such adversity, and it was truly inspiring. Her thoughtful comments about confronting failure and how important it is to embrace and learn from those setbacks in order to ultimately find success resonated so strongly with me. I found myself reflecting on all that we have been through on our journey as OneDigital and how we have overcome each obstacle as we continue to evolve and push forward to build a great company. 
I also draw such inspiration watching our teams from across the country come together, collaborate and learn from each other throughout the conference. Nothing makes me more proud than to see how new and old team members alike form such close bonds that turn into long lasting friendships. The carpool Karaoke, the one liners, the sports movie spoofs (Chuck and Kenny… “Show me the money!!!!”), and everyone just letting loose and having fun is such an important part of who we are. I think that is the reasons why “I’ve got your back” resonates so strongly with this company. We are more than just co-workers… we are friends and family. That’s what it’s all about and what makes us such a special organization.     
As I shared in the Town Hall, the passion I see around this company every day is what gets me out of bed each morning so fired up and inspired to be the best leader and teammate that I can be. Your passion is infectious and continues to fuel and drive us to new heights. That’s the Power of YOU! 
Thank you for inspiring me and inspiring us all!     




President & CEO

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