August - Be Bold

August 1, 2019

Hello Team –

This past week was so gratifying and humbling for me at the same time.  We had over 750 people attending our summer Growth and Retention conference in Atlanta and the energy and enthusiasm I felt from everyone was simply incredible.

As we discussed in our Town Hall, our sustained growth and success, driven by our company culture, is both unique and special. I have immense pride in the work we are doing, the team we are building and our desire to lead the industry. While we have much to celebrate and will continue to do so, there was an important theme that emerged in our Town Hall discussion and continued throughout the conference. We know that past growth doesn’t guarantee future success and we must continue to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone. Now is the time that we must Be Bold. There is a clear opportunity in our industry to stand out, to be leaders, and I believe that OneDigital has all the attributes to do just that. As Mike Staver pointed out to us – “The biggest fish are in the roughest waters.” I believe we are ready and up to the challenge, but to take this step together requires us to Be Bold.

As we now understand from important client feedback, sometimes we get too comfortable and internally focused, failing to deliver on our promise to our customers. Ultimately, our clients want an effortless experience and to feel confident that we’ve got their back at all times. To truly lead our customers we need to spend time with them, listen and learn about their business. In fact, we need to get to know their business so well that we can then educate, teach them and provide insights to help them execute on their business goals. Many of you are doing this today and are having amazing results. This approach is a natural evolution for us but does require us to be a bit more Bold as we embrace this shift together. When we are not comfortable providing this personal and strategic approach, our past experience suggests that we miss opportunities to strengthen our client relationships and may even risk losing them. Being Bold will take our business to the next level, help us stand out in this  “sea of sameness”, and ultimately provide true leadership and peace of mind for our clients.

I’m confident that we are all up to this challenge as I already see this every day in our culture. Being Bold does not just correlate to our relationships with our clients. I’m so proud to say that internally, I see boldness being displayed on a regular basis. Among our co-workers, I see the willingness to try new things, to collaborate and step outside of our comfort zones in an effort to create an exceptional experience for those around us. In our personal lives, so many of you have shared stories with me and I’m blown away by your boldness to embrace change in your lives. 

Our team at OneDigital is truly special and I’m humbled that we have assembled such an amazing group of individuals.  Each of you have shown the desire and ability individually to Be Bold, but collectively if we hold each other accountable, embrace our customers and the opportunity ahead, I have little doubt that we will continue to build an organization that will inspire us and make us all proud. We are on a path to emerge as true leaders, not just because of our growth and scale, but because of the quality of our people, the values we embrace and how we deliver on our promise for our clients and across the industry!
I’m so proud to work with every one of you!


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