April - BE Humble

April 4, 2016


Humility is one of the characteristics I admire the most when I see it in great leaders and great companies. It is hard enough to be successful in business and in life, but to do it with character and humility is the sign of true success. At times, people associate humility with weakness and an inability to stand up for ourselves, but I believe this couldn’t be further from the truth. To Be Humble requires inner strength. It requires the strength to welcome feedback and criticism and to believe that we can all continue to learn, improve and grow.


We have all seen situations when athletes, teams and companies have let their success “go to their head.” They let their guard down, become too confident and arrogant. As a coach, this is one of the lessons and opportunities that I often talk about with my boys. It’s easy to celebrate a goal or a touchdown with an obnoxious celebration, but it’s much more inspiring to be humble, to thank your teammate for a nice assist and to let them share in that success. I like to say, “act like you have been here before.” In other words- you worked hard, you were prepared and you expected to make that play or reach that milestone.

I am so proud of the humility that I see in our organization every day. It would be easy to take for granted the success we’ve had at Digital, but we don’t. We know that our customers drive our success and we cannot rest on our laurels or take that loyalty for granted. We prepare, we work hard and we work as a team. We know that no individual succeeds alone, and I am so grateful and proud of this mindset. We value the Digital Way and the attitude that “we are better together” which truly makes us a great company.

As management expert Ken Blanchard says: “People with humility do not think less of themselves; they just think about themselves less.” That is a profound distinction.


Thank you for your humility and for all your contributions toward our team success.  Digital would not BE were it not for each of you!




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