April - Be Curious

April 3, 2017


When I graduated from college, I was fortunate enough to be recruited into a multi-year management program with an insurance carrier. The experience and mentorship I received  from that program was invaluable and something I still draw on today in my current role as CEO of OneDigital.

The opportunities I was given through various training programs in my career is something I think about often and one that I realize is not that common in the industry today. Comprehensive training programs, investment in recent graduates and loyalty in the workplace seems to be a bit of a lost discipline in our industry. Most firms are looking for an immediate impact from an experienced professional and would rather recruit someone already established in the business than invest in training to develop the skills needed for success. This is an issue that the leadership team has discussed often, and we feel the need to work through that as thought leaders and the new generation of health and benefits. Through LEAD, internship programs and evolving plans to hire recent college graduates, we hope to do our part to invest in and develop new talent.

We continue to look for the best and brightest talent to recruit into our organization, but in addition to our recruitment efforts, the opportunity to develop and promote from within is a trend at OneDigital I’m very proud of. As the company has grown, we’ve managed to create new career paths that have allowed employees to explore and develop new responsibilities. Some career paths may involve movement from one department to another and some may even provide the opportunity to transfer to a new location. I believe this development is a unique characteristic of OneDigital and something I hope you will all keep in mind as you think about your career path.      

So, today, I urge you to BE CURIOUS and think about opportunities to invest in your personal growth and future within our organization. You may be in the perfect role today, but if your goal is to explore new opportunities, our hope is that you take advantage of all OneDigital has to offer. There may be other departments and locations in the company looking for someone just like you. I know some of our managers are groaning right now as they read this, but I sincerely believe the greatest achievement for any leader is to see their team grow and succeed beyond their current roles. This is why we will continue to invest in new programs to help you develop personally and professionally. We have geographic diversity. We allow for a flexible work environment. The truth is, each of you are an asset to this company, and we hope to provide the resources to help you elevate your career over time at OneDigital.

So again, please Be Curious and think about ways you can grow within this organization we’re building together. If you have questions or are just curious to learn more, our Talent Management Team is willing and ready to act as an advocate for your career at OneDigital.

Happy April!


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